Using the notes from the video seen in class, and the GeoFactsheet, create a detailed one page revision sheet on the attempts made by Curitiba to be sustainable.

You should cover the following:
1. Brief introduction to Curitiba’s location (get maps)
2. How it has managed to be sustainable in terms of
- Water and energy conservation
- Waste recycling
- Creating green space
- Transportation
3. How successful has their attempt at being sustainable been? (be critical here- any reasons why they are not successful?)

Curitiba: A case study of a sustainable City

Using the information from the GeoFile, video and other resources you may find on the internet, produce a report for the Mayor of London on how Curitiba has managed to be so sustainable.

You should include:
1. Introduction to Curitiba: Where it is, and a map.
2. Management of traffic, waste, shanty towns, open space, flooding, and any other aspect of the city management. Include specific FACTS, DATA and INFORMATION.
3. How successful has the management of Curitiba been? Identify things that have gone well, as well as things that have not gone so well (you need DATA to back this up).
4. Conclusions: Give the Mayor of London three things they can do to improve London’s sustainability.
Rainbow Nation Information sheet- Read this before answering the questions.